Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Boy I can't believe that it's Tuesday already, it seems like I have been so busy lately(I almost forgot to call my mom on mothers day). This weekend I got my flowers started, something I probably should have done in April but hey, better late then never right? Besides our growing season here is much later then everyone else, especially with all this snow we have been getting.

In about 6-8 weeks I will have some beautiful petunias, pansies, and snap dragons to plant outside. I can't wait!
For the rest of the week I have much spring cleaning to do before my brother and some friends come up to visit for the long weekend. If I can find the time I would really like to get started on some new projects.

There is this cute bag that will be great for spring/summer to haul around all kinds of stuff. When it come to bags, for me bigger is definitely better. The pattern actually came with my sewing machine and I just tossed it aside and totally forgot about it. I'm hoping it will be nice and easy so I don't mess it up. The fabric I picked up a couple a weekends ago when I was in the city, my friend took me to Mitchell's(or as I like to say 'heaven'). The floral print is vintage and for the bottom of the bag I chose a navy blue jean.

Then I also got some nice light jersey cotton for for this little top circa 1976. The pattern is from DotisSpot.etsy.com.
Anywho, I got lot's of work to get done.
Will post again soon,

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  1. hey hows this project comin along! Im excited to see the final result!!