Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hollywood Revue

So everyone is talking about The Bachelor this week, I am hearing about it everywhere! Ellen, Bonnie Hunt, The View, even Jimmy Kimmel, it is there every time I change the channel. We can all agree Jason did a horrible thing to Melissa on national television in front of millions in the most intense rose ceremony yet (Asshole!). First he embarrasses the poor girl, accepts the engagement ring back from her and then immediately runs to the arms of Molly. All for the ratings of the show, it makes me sick. Many people believe the whole arrangement was staged, something that the producers of the show haven't completely denied. But from all this drama there was some good to come of it.
Jillian Harris had her heart broken by bachelor Jason Mesnick before the Molly, Melissa love triangle. Even though most fans of the show were rooting for the Canadian, she was blind-sided by the infamous 'friend talk'. Upsetting for everyone (especially Jillain), I think we have all come to realize that she is much too good for Jason anyway. Because Jillain was so popular she was named to be the new Bachelorette! We will all get to watch the 29 year old Albertan find love when the episodes start airing in May. Good luck Jillain, I will definitely be watching!

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  1. congrats to Jillian on being selected the next Bachelorette; she's a good fit in more ways than one