Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was good, it was very relaxing.
I played some Sims.That's a screen shot of my Sim family's chateau at 24 Hillside Pass Rd. In Desiderata Valley. My favorite part of playing Sims is remodeling and designing the houses, but the inside of this one isn't perfect yet so I'll show you those pictures another time.
What else did I do this weekend?........I worked on some more sock monkey's. I watched the Juno Awards, Russel Peters was great I hope he hosts again next year. Sam Roberts - Love you! And Dallas Green with Gord Downie - incredible! If you didn't catch the Sleeping Sickness performance check it out here.
I took my dogs for a walk because it was so nice outside, but soon remembered why spring is my most hated season. Everything is wet and muddy and then my dogs get wet and muddy and when they come inside if I don't through them in the tub right away they get everything in the house wet and muddy. Why couldn't we just skip over spring and go right to summer?
To finish off the weekend I had a cup of chai tea, a bowl of apple crisp (2 bowls actually, it was really good), and watched Amazing Race. Bye Mel and Mike, all pressure is on Margie and Luke now my last remaining fave team.
Will post again soon,

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